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End of the Day Interview Round Up
February 7, 2013 10:22 pm

Apparently Bridget went on a bit of a press junket so instead of posting these last few interviews in their own posts, I’m just going to combine them all here.

Access Hollywood
Beauty And The Beast Q&A: Bridget Regan On Alex’s Intentions Toward Vincent!
by Jolie Lash February 7, 2013

Bridget famously played Kahlan Amnell in “Legend of the Seeker,” and that was actually where she first met Jay, before joining The CW drama for an extended guest arc. While cruising around Hollywood earlier this week, Bridget told about their first meeting in Jay’s native New Zealand, and fielded questions about Alex’s intentions toward Vincent. Oh, and we asked her about Muirfield too.

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The Hollywood Reporter
‘Beauty and the Beast’: Bridget Regan on Beastly Reveals and Holding Onto the Past
by Philiana Ng February 7, 2013

“Part of the appeal is that she doesn’t know about this whole dark side to Vincent’s life,” Regan told The Hollywood Reporter of her alter ego. “He gets to escape with her and live in the past.”

Regan talked to THR about what to expect from Vincent and Alex’s upcoming cabin trip in “Cold Turkey,” working again with Ryan and why she finally understands why fans want Catherine and Vincent together.

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‘Beauty and the Beast’: Bridget Regan On Vincent and Alex’s ‘Romantic’ Episode
By Sydney Bucksbaum February 6, 2013

Despite Catherine’s claim that she was going to fight for Vincent’s heart at the end of last week’s Beauty and the Beast, she’ll have a hard time getting her happily ever after thanks to Vincent’s ex-fiancé Alex, who is determined to pick things up where she and her former love left off 10 years ago when he shipped off to Afghanistan.

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Bridget Regan talks BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Joining the Show, and Her Favorite Moments to Shoot

By Christina Radish February 7, 2013

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Bridget Regan (Legend of the Seeker) talked about how she came to be a part of the show, why she was attracted to the character, how much fun it was to bring a fresh energy to an already-established cast and crew, that the next couple of episodes are really revealing for the characters, how she hopes fans of the show feel for her character, even though they’re ultimately rooting for Catherine and Vincent to be together, what’s most surprised her about her character, her favorite moments to shoot, and how much she loves getting to explore a character over a longer period of time on television.  Check out what she had to say after the jump.

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Bridget Regan Sexes Up Beauty’s Beast (‘Alex Wants Her Fiancé Back!’), Shares Thrones Wish
by Matt Webb Mitovich February 7, 2013

This Thursday on Beauty and the Beast (The CW, 9/8c), Alex will pull out all the stops (and some sexy lingerie) in the name of rekindling things with Vincent during a private getaway. But will an unwelcome intrusion or two douse their fire? Bridget Regan previewed the pivotal episode, confirmed Alex’s agenda and shared her geek love for a certain HBO drama.

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Going by the interview, looks like next weeks episode is the last one Bridget has filmed for the show.

Legend of the Seeker’s Bridget Regan Feels First-Time Backlash on Beauty and the Beast
by Robyn Ross February 6, 2013

Bridget Regan is used to having rabid fans from her cult syndicated series Legend of the Seeker. She was not prepared, however, for the backlash she’d face on Beauty and the Beast.

“I can’t look at Twitter anymore!” Regan told “I just got this one: ‘Bridget. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy you on Beauty and the Beast even though lots of fans want you gone. Not many people like Alex.’ I understand why people don’t like Alex, I suppose, but I can’t really look anymore.”

Head on over to TVGuide to read the rest of the interview:

As a side note, we still love ya Bridget! (Though we might object to being called rabid…)

Bridget on The Critic Show Podcast
October 1, 2011 12:20 am

Head on over to The Critic Show Podcast website to listen to Bridget discuss Legend of the Seeker.

Or you can head straight to iTunes to download it here:

Where Can You Catch Bridget This Week
September 26, 2011 12:22 pm


Bridget guest stars this Tuesday on the show’s third season episode: Cyber Threat. From CBS Publicity: The NCIS team joins forces with the NSA to find the creator and controller of a software program linked to a cyber attack against the Department of Defense. Meanwhile, Callen continues searching for more information about his past.

The Critic Show Podcast

Bridget will be the guest star on Scott Murray’s The Critic Show podcast this Friday. They’ll be talking about TV shows that live on long after they’re no longer on the air thanks to the fans.

Dean Kelly Interview
May 6, 2011 8:29 am

Bridget did an interview with Peter Dee of Dean Kelly to promote The Best and The Brightest! It’s audio only, and was done shortly before she went to Columbus. There’s some input from Frankie Jean as well as an explanation as to how she deals with her deluge or fan mail.

And to those of you who found your way here from YouTube because of the interview, hi! (And, of course, HUGE thanks to Peter Dee for the mention!)

Click read more for a transcript of the interview.

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Check out Bridget’s cast interview for The Best and the Brightest! Filmed during the movie’s production, it gives a nifty insight into Bridget’s character and how much fun everyone had on set. BIG BIG thanks to Bill and the B&B team for hooking us up with this video!

ROLE TO DYE FOR ; Bridget lost Stunning trademark red locks to star as telly warrior
by John Millar

SWORDS and sorcery star Bridget Regan made the ultimate sacrifice to land her dream role – she dyed her beloved red hair.

The glamorous actress had to swap her natural shade for raven locks to play Kahlan, the warrior hero of hit fantasy series Legend Of The Seeker.

She joked: “I’m the black sheep of the family now. All my family have red hair.”

The TV adventures are based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword Of Truth novels.

Bridget, 28, whose family have Celtic roots, said: “The books also say my character has green eyes so I thought I would be wearing contact lenses. But luckily they went with blue eyes.

“Sometimes I miss my red hair and I think I’ll go back to it eventually. It was chemically straightened and dyed for the show so it needs a bit of rest and recovery.”

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Runway Giveaway Winners!
June 21, 2010 10:08 pm

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